Top Destinations To Celebrate Valentines Day

Tired of doing cliches every year on Valentine’s Day? Why not plan something different then? There is nothing wrong with going with the customs on this day but at some point, we all feel like adding a little zest on this special day. This day is about celebrating your journey with your significant other. It’s a day which you dedicate only for yourselves which is the reason why it’s more important than the traditions couples reserve for this occasion.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse for lovebirds to plan a getaway. After months of grinding through the workplace pressure, everyone needs time off from their responsibilities. More importantly, everyone needs an opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones.

There are thousands of holiday destinations that would be considered perfect for a holiday getaway. Nevertheless, celebrating Valentine’s Day requires a more aesthetic backdrop. The place should render beautiful vibes and a romantic setting that should live up to its promise of giving the couple a good time. As you’ll do some research, you’ll gather several options to consider like a seaside village, mountaintop, small towns, exotic cities, and the list goes on. However, we’ll be recommending only a few places that would be living up to your expectations.

We’ve lined up several options for you to have a look at:


It was obvious to include the ‘City of Love’ in the list as this beautiful city is considered the most classic romantic getaway. The city comprises a unique heritage dominated by a detailed history, art, culture, architecture, and language. As you’ll take a cruise across the city, you’ll notice throughout the mesmerizing Seine River some beautiful historical sites like Notre Dame and Musee d’Orsay. the city has obtained mastery in its cultural cuisine where you’ll visit the local patisseries to enjoy their freshly baked items. Apart from them, you’ll get to enjoy a whole new experience in admiring the city’s landscape and breathtaking sights.

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are famous for their incredible scenery and comforting environment. Visitors get to enjoy most of their time in comfort and relaxation while they spend time admiring its pure ancient history and beautiful landscapes. Amongst the islands you should visit are the Santorini and Crete; both famous for being a top romantic destination for couples.

Couples could book a hut in advance to start their Valentine’s vacation with relaxation on the beach and having their bellies full of delicious Greek cuisine.

Italian Cities

This country houses the most exquisite honeymoon and romantic spots in the world. The city Venice, also known as the ‘Floating City’, offers an aesthetic backdrop for a pleasurable experience. You can plan a perfect romantic retreat in this city by experiencing gondola rides, art, architecture, and local cuisine.

You can include Northern Italy in your bucket list where you’ll get the opportunity to visit fascinating lake sites. They’ll give a naked eye a whole picturesque experience coupled with their surrounding towns.

For a more countryside experience, couples can book their destinations in Tuscany as it ticks all the boxes for a delightful vacation. in this city, you’ll get to visit their vineyards where a first-hand experience would be gathered on wine-tasting. You can also visit historic places and try the region’s authentic cuisine.


Although it’s a famous honeymoon destination for newlyweds, they harbor a lot of potential for servicing a good time for romantic couples. Owed to their spectacular mountain sights and a range of recreational activities, Switzerland offers itself as an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day celebration. Those who want this day to be fun-packed and romantic shall consider this country as their top priority. 

Costa Rica

Rather than visiting mountainsides and valleys, plan something different this time by visiting a tropical city. Costa Rica is considered a green paradise filled with the potential to experience many new adventures. Its beaches offer a majestic view of the shoreline with its constituting wildlife and flora in the center. This country is recognized for being one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.


You should consider visiting this place if you`re eager to visit paradise. A heaven on earth, Bali brings itself as a top-tier vacation place for romantic couples where you’ll experience something different in terms of island romance. This heavenly place with its sparkling beaches carpeted with palm trees dancing in the wind gives you a unique relaxation. Its shoreline touches the water that is clearer than crystal, and its sand is soft like a mattress.

In addition, the local population enjoys a different and unique culture. Couples can avail themselves the opportunity to interact with the locals, and travel across its land to get an extensive admiration of its magnificent temples and the beautiful Balinese culture.