Privacy Policy

We at to gain the trust of our valuable customers. We design a privacy policy that can protect the customer's best interest and confidentiality.

We value that our customer shared their personal information by placing trust in us, so we make sure your information and other personal data will be kept secure and not be leaked or used for any harmful purpose.

The personal information includes your name, address, phone number, email id, and address. But our team makes sure your data remained safe and secured.

From the moment you give us the personal data, sign up and start shopping until your parcel has been delivered to you. Your order is our responsibility, and if any mishaps have happened, will bear the loss.

We only use your personal information to access the services and deals and verify the payment and transaction. Your name and address are only shared with a third party, such as courier services, for delivery purposes.

We may use your personal data for the market research purpose or design and improve the web content or may e use it for auditing purposes. Still, we make sure that your identity remains anonymous and will never create a bad image.

Our site uses cookies also; many of you ask what the cookies are? These are small text files that assure the server that your user is unique and recognize your computer IP address. It is used for your own ease and saves time to give you a more enhanced shopping experience. Our website also uses Google Analytics. The servers of Google can store the information which is produced by the cookies. The purpose of evaluating the website and compiling its report activity for the web user will not to give your IP address to a third party.

You may not allow the cookies, but it will limit access to the site. It is the grantee that cookies will not assess any private information and will not contain any viruses.

Children's right and security is our utmost priority we make sure that children below 13 will not allow to register or shop with us. We do not create the account for the individual under 13 years without parental guidance .individuals who are under 13 are not allowed to give any information regarding your name, address, email id, and other personal data. if we notice an account of an individual under 13 without parental guidance, we have the authority to cancel the account

If you participated in the promotion and competitions, we would access your personal data such as name, address, and contact details for further process, but your identity remains secure.

We collect your data through the secure server, which means no unauthorized user is not allowed to view your personal information. We also involve the identity checks from time to time for further confirmation. Now it is your duty to secure your password and gadget from the unauthorized user. In that case, is not responsible for.

You at giving point have the right to access your personal we will provide you a copy of it.

At any given point, you feel unsecured or threatened regarding the misuse of personal information; you can directly contact our customer representative. We and our team, including our business partners and others, make sure that all your data will remain safe and secure.