Style For The Leading Lady In You

Lyssé is an all-inclusive women`s clothing line. Regardless of your sexuality, ethnic background, or ability, this company will have something for you, whether it is standard or plus-size fashion lines. The brand`s collection is ideal for those who want to look fashionable while remaining comfortable. With its leggings, jackets, and dresses, Lyssé`s signature four-way stretch fabric blends and flattering silhouettes eliminate the need to sacrifice.

The products are well worth the investment. Everything the brand has to offer is regarded as a worthwhile purchase that will undoubtedly become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

Garden Crop Trench Coat

Trench coats are timeless. Fashion trends come and go, but trench coats are here to stay. The garment serves as both our go-to outerwear for inclement autumn weather and an eye-catching statement piece to complement the season`s inevitable temperature drops.

The trench coat has taken on a life of its own, with labels and designers making bold new statements with unique colors, fabrics, and cuts. This garden crop trench coat takes on the trend that is beautifully designed to give your fall wardrobe a stylish boost this season. Combine it with jeans and heels or sneakers, tees or long sleeve tops, or a girly look with a bright-colored dress and a trench plus heels. Wear a leather skirt with a long-sleeved top, booties, and a trench to look cool and feel comfortable.


Tasha Denim Jacket

It`s no secret that everyone has a thing for denim jackets. They`re timeless, come in a variety of styles, and can genuinely pull any attire together in a pinch. You can simply throw on a denim jacket over almost anything to justify buying that dress or pretty little top in a store.

This denim jacket is the ideal third piece for any outfit. By adding that extra layer, it ties looks together. There really isn`t anything you CAN`T wear a denim jacket with.

Adding a denim jacket transforms your sweatpants into a cool street-style outfit rather than looking like you just rolled out of bed. This closet staple`s versatility is exactly what makes it so great. And with this Tasha denim style in your closet, you can put together a variety of outfits.

To make it more business casual, pair it with a pencil skirt or shift dress. You can also drape it over your shoulders for a more stylish look than simply throwing it on. And, as with any other outfit, adding heels can completely transform a look. 


Long Sleeve Tee

How do you go about finding the best T-shirt? It may appear to be a simple question, but finding one that checks all the boxes—from fit to comfort—is a difficult task. After all, the more minimal a piece of clothing is, the more obvious its flaws become. Nobody enjoys the sensation of slipping on a boxy, ill-fitting tee that feels as stiff as cardboard against their skin. But, at long last, the hunt is over.

The Maya Long Sleeve Tee pairs airy Linen Jersey with silky Georgette for sophisticated yet casual styling. The Maya Long Sleeve Tee has drop shoulders and slimmer sleeves, as well as a V-neck detailed in Georgette and a rounded, high-low hem. Over denim skinnies or leggings, layer this legging-friendly top.

As we prepare to reemerge, return to the office, travel, and make social plans, there`s something reassuring about slipping on a crisp, classic T-shirt in the morning, fresh and dewy-faced. Perhaps we`ll add some jewelry, such as a pair of gold hoops or a simple chain necklace. However, the best tees can be worn with almost anything, from casual at-home yoga pants to dressy skirts for the office and beyond. What could be more iconic and representative of our everyday lives than a T-shirt and a classic pair of blue jeans?



Thought leggings couldn`t get any cozier? Consider it again. Leggings are well-known for being the go-to casual basic, but if maximum comfort is what you seek, there is one important factor to consider when shopping for leggings. The majority of workout and performance leggings are designed to support you, resist sweat, and stay in place. All of those things are great when you`re working out, but when you`re sitting at home all day, that super-tight feeling isn`t ideal.

When it comes to at-home loungewear, cotton leggings are a game-changer. Flattering Cotton Crop Legging is like yoga pants, only better! They have lean lines and are made of stretch cotton. They feature a wide concealed waistband, anatomical seaming that lifts and contours, and pull-on styling. Combine these cotton leggings – ideal for working from home – with a simple tank, light wrap cardigan, and sandals.


Leather Leggings

To be sure, many people consider them a wardrobe heroes. They`re simple enough to be a foundation for some outfits, but when paired correctly, they`re super chic. After months of sweatpants and other breezy garments to keep us comfortable at home, a pair of leggings, particularly the faux leather variety, is the ideal transitional garment—that is, the best piece to ease back into a more sophisticated dress, and the fall or spring season in general, when it`s neither warm enough for flimsy linen trousers nor bitterly cold, when layers are frequently required.

These moto-inspired Faux Leather leggings feature pin tuck detailing above the knee, a concealed patented waistband, and a back yoke seam. The Tudor Faux Leather Legging pairs beautifully with the Color-blocked Russet Button Down Top and ankle boots, thanks to its body-hugging fit and 4-way stretch comfort.


You will admire the company`s commitment to providing comfortable clothing that boosts your self-esteem. Because of the hidden waistbands and four-way stretch fabrics, these are the items you`ll reach for again and again.