Best Place To Stream Boxing Matches

Fan following for boxing is massive, the passion and craze of boxing followers and fans surpass most of the world sports followers. And it becomes even bigger when it comes to televised sports. All the important and big fights are treated as outrageous yet sacred special events in the whole world. Each fight is promoted and marketed with a myriad of fanfare and a flamboyant amount of drama.

Since it is a sport that takes place around the world, there are a wide number of places and sites featuring it. Attending the match live takes weeks of pre-bookings and some connections, this is why it has developed such a vast majority of TV audience and an industry of its own. Many countries have made the most of the exclusivity and demand with pay per view for the one-of-a-kind big and major fight action. Whilst others have taken this opportunity to enhance their subscription and promote their channels.

Just like every other sport boxing isn`t a monolithic thing, it`s changing by the day especially, because of all the bodies and promotions that act on different levels. This is why the live streaming of this sport can be hard to wrap your head around due to its complexity and the vast number of places it occurs in. so without further let`s dig in and filter out the best streaming platform for boxing. 


Streaming Platforms For Boxing

Ever since HBO left the streaming world of sports, many new names started to pop up but only two seem to stand out among them ESPN or ESPN+ and DAZN. Each of the streaming sites has its pros and cons about which we will be discussing briefly in this article.



First, let`s talk about DAZN. What is DAZN? It is a live and on-demand sports streaming service, that allows you to watch sports from all over the world without setting up a TV box or getting a satellite. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile phone, smartphone, or smart TV and you can stream action from all over the world on the go. 

At Dazn you can find streaming of the world`s most renowned promoters including Mayweather, Match room boxing, golden boy promotions, and much more. This service provider is a lot more specific and owns rights to boxing matches and various fight actions taking place all over the world. Instead of being a typical broadcaster that also streams. IT is a subscription-based service whose area of expertise is live streams.

Whilst it might have started getting rights from a handful of sports from German and Austrian audiences. After a while, it picked up the pace and expanded to a core base of 10 countries. It fulfilled its goal to reach 200 territories at a relatively lower and cheaper cost than its competitors and started featuring a primary number of boxing matches from around the world.

If you are a boxing fan, who just lives for action then there is no better place for you to stream fights than DAZN starting at 1.99$ or less/month. You can watch exclusive boxing matches, Live highlights, and on-demand documentaries, weekly shows, classic fights and you can cancel the subscription anytime.


However, there is a bit of downside to using DAZN. You will not be able to watch some of the pay-per-view boxing matches as those rights might be reserved by some other broadcasters. You will need to choose which fights are available to you if you pick the local route.


We advise the readers to go through their website and register through the Canadian DAZN platform, which broadcasts the broadest selection of all sports and lets you switch from Canadian to German catalog. By doing this you will not only have access to the world of boxing but can also watch other sports including NFL, NBA Basketball, and Much more.


Streaming Through ESPN

This streaming platform and broadcaster has partnered through a top rank promotional company that allows it to broadcast more than 50 matches a year and these matches are usually ESPN or ESPN+ restricted so you might have to get the pay per view option here for these matches as they will not be available on any other streaming platform.

If you just watch the big fight actions and want to watch a handful yet good quality matches then ESPN worth the subscription. However, its subscription is almost twice of DAZN and you would still have to pay per view matches.


With its drawn-out Top Rank arrangement, ESPN presumably streams more matches than any other individual network. However, the numbers differ starting with one month then onto the next. DAZN is an intriguing choice, however, since it charges a month-to-month expense and no compensation pay per view for singular matches. It is a more reliable and affordable option than ESPN.


We trimmed down to these two streaming networks because they were the best in the business and hope after going through the article you will be able to make an informed decision. To avail discount and save some more on those subscriptions visit codesfit.com where you can find deals and discounts for DAZN and much more.