The Best Hairstyles Of 2022 For Men

Hairstyling is a trend that has been followed for decades Whether it’s about impressing your partner or looking at yourself differently, people opt for different hairstyles to look different and stick to the hairstyle that looks good on them. Hence, we carried out thorough research on various hairstyle trends from best to worst and finalized our in-depth research to share it with you.

I bet you have clicked on this article because you are thinking of getting a new look. So, with all that has been said let’s look at the hairstyles mostly worn by celebrities and other personalities this year.

·       FAUX HAWK

This is the most trending design of the past decade and is similar to the mohawk look but there are some massive differences between the two. Unlike the mohawk, the faux hawk is less prominent as it involves a long strip of hair in the middle with a nice blend of short hair on the sides and back of the head. The shaved sides resemble the mohawk in a unique way. This hairstyle is being used by many celebrities, social media personalities and footballers. I would recommend you definitely give this hairstyle a try.


The spikes trend came in the early 2000s with a bang! But then they disappeared just like that. Though now, the style has been reintroduced this year with some modifications in it. Now you can add a middle undercut with spiky hair on the top, this is the simplest and the coolest hairstyle and requires a minimum amount of effort. You just have to get a spiky cut, apply some gel and wax for a wet look and you are good to go.

·         CLASSIC FADE

If you are looking forward to getting a professional and formal look then this is the best option for you as classic fade hairstyles are classy for a corporate party or if you are looking to impress your girl’s father. Nonetheless, this hairstyle has a general rule with sides shaved and fuller hair combed back equipped with a hairspray or hair gel to give you that vintage wet look.

·         BUZZ CUT

Inspired by the military cut, this haircut is for individuals who are going bald at a young age and don’t have enough options to style their hair. It is also suitable for people who are into shorter hairstyles. With a shorter length at the top and sides shaved this hairstyle gives you that next-level masculine look that you might be searching for. This hairstyle has been used by many famous celebrities such as Keanu reeves, Aaron Paul and Chris Evans.

·         CAESAR CUT

This hairstyle is an absolute vintage and it has never been out of fashion as it is loved by men of all ages. This hairstyle is named before a roman emperor known as Tiberius Julius Caesar. Although there are a ton of ways according to which you can style your hair, Caesar cut is the most flexible and comfortable style you could carry and it can fit along with any occasion.


Perhaps the most popular haircut that has ever existed gives you a classic masculine edge and a decent look. This haircut can be used for all types of hair but I would recommend someone with a bit of wave in their hair as it adds a bit more aesthetic vibe to your face. All you have to do is part your hair sideways and apply some gel to it and you are ready to go!

·         CREW CUT

This cut has some resemblance with the faux hawk and buzz cut as sides are to be shaved with a comparatively fuller top if you are thinking to adopt this hairstyle. The term was first identified in the early 19th century and was used to describe Ivy League students who were on the crew team.

·         FADE HAIRCUT

This hairstyle is extremely popular amongst men as this adds a distinctive texture to the hair and creates a marvellous illusion while providing a neat look. There are many types of fade haircuts and they are usually carried by famous artists such as Drake, who has been using this hairstyle as a signature of his persona for quite a while now.

·         MAN BUNS

If you want to add that masculine and athletic look then man buns might be suitable for you. Only long hair is required to rock this hairstyle. Although these hairstyles are cool and look great on most men, you have to pay a high price for their maintenance. By this phrase, I mean longer hair is difficult to carry, especially for men and this hairstyle can probably damage your hair in the long run if you are not carrying this hairstyle safely.

·         DEADLOCKS

This particular hairstyle is not carried by men from all over the world but it’s quite common in the United States. This hairstyle will never go out of fashion. In fact, archaeologists discovered sculptures which were centuries old and those sculptures had deadlocks. Since then, this style has been opted for by everyone including celebrities like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dog who have revolutionized these hairstyles.



In order to choose the best hairstyle that suits you one should determine the hair texture they are born with.


Not every hairstyle is meant for everyone. For instance, if you have a comparatively smaller face then deadlocks and man buns might not be the best option for you. Instead, go for a buzz or fade haircut to make your face more prominent.


Some hairstyles look great on TV but are usually very difficult to maintain, especially if you are a 9 to 5 worker. As I mentioned above, maintaining your hair is a whole new job and it requires a lot of time which you might not have.


By choosing between hairstyles, I mean looking for the latest trending hairstyles. And if you don’t like trending hairstyles, you can pick great features of every hairstyle and design your own hairstyle. That’s right! Don’t shy off and become a fashion icon within yourself!


If you have tried all hairstyles and are still dissatisfied then the problem you are facing is not with your hair, perhaps it’s your hairstylist or barber, which I would suggest you to change!