Make Your Kids Space Amazing With Room To Grow

When families grow, parents develop the stress of fulfilling the needs of their children. Setting up rooms for kids to grow and call their own space is one of the biggest responsibilities for the parents and cannot be fulfilled without the help of a reliable kids furniture and accessory store. Room to grow is an online store that specializes in furniture, beds, and accessories to make children`s rooms a beautiful space and give a spark to them. The store has been running successfully in the UK since 1996 and has previously satisfied thousands of customers.

Their selling items include:


Bed Frames


The bed frames available at Room to grow are made with modernized concepts and creative patterns. In addition, the variety of beds is also huge ranging from bunk beds to single beds and, cabin beds to storage-saving beds, etc. The loft and cabin beds can act as multipurpose bed frames where your kids can play and study apart from just sleeping. Beds with drawers available on the website are also multipurpose and save a lot of space as well. The website also has beds according to the preference of girls, boys, toddlers, and teenagers with great quality, which will satisfy you and your kids as well.




Even though bed frames are the most important feature of a bedroom, they are entirely incomplete without the presence of a mattress. As kids are a bit fidgety and occasionally bounce on the mattresses, firm spring mattresses are required for sustainability and durability. The mattresses available on Room to grow have a large variety and come in all shapes and sizes. Apart from the variety of shapes and sizes, their material may also vary as some are eco-friendly, some are foam free, anti-allergy, etc.


Desk Setups


For school-going kids, a desk setup is also quite an essential part of the bedroom as it allows them to sit up and do their homework and projects comfortably. For this purpose, the online kid`s bedroom store has a whole category of desks which are of various sizes as well. In addition, some desks adjust with bed frames in the form of cabin and loft beds. Other desks come with revolving chairs and stools. The desks in Room to grow can also be used for multipurpose gaming and setting up computers.


Nursery Item


For all the new parents out there, Room to grow has all kinds of furniture ranging from cots and cribs to wardrobes and dressers for your babies and toddlers. All the essential items and accessories available on the website are of great quality and have adorable touches. You can get wall d├ęcor and toys in addition to the essentials according to their nursery theme for their babies. The items from the store guarantee to satisfy their customers and give a charming touch to the Room as well. Moreover, the nursery items in the store are branded, and nursery setup ideas are already on the website to help you guys.


Children`s Furniture


Sometimes parents need to change their kids` bedroom sets and get new things to stuff their possessions neatly. Things like wardrobes, bedside tables, toy storage boxes, and chests keep the bedroom space clean. Apart from this, if your kid`s bedroom requires upgrading, you can also shop for furniture based on different colours and according to brands such as Cambridge, Varsity, Estella, etc.


Accessories And Toys


In anyone`s childhood, their most important possessions are their toys and the games they play. Room to grow is also a great place to get toys such as play tents, construction toys, wooden toys, and ride-on toys. Other accessories necessary for a bedroom include cushions, clocks, lamps, rugs, etc., also available on the website.


Q. What More Does The Store Offer?


The multiple products available on the online website are of great quality. The variety they offer allows their customers to make their kids` bedrooms gorgeous, creative, and a brilliant space for them to live in. The online store is also known for having reduced prices on branded furniture compared to other stores. They also offer a guarantee of 2 years in addition to the reduced prices for the repair and maintenance. Moreover, Room to grow also has an ongoing summer sale of up to 50% on various furniture items and accessories, which is great news for their customers. They also offer a 10% sale on their products if the customers sign up on their discover me page, which is a bargain.


Room to grow has been quite popular in the furniture industry since it went online and started operating across the UK. Their multipurpose furniture and bed frames are also popular among kids and parents. Other furniture and accessories are guaranteed to satisfy their customers because of the budget-friendly prices and designs that make the furniture stand out.