Celebrating the King

Dr King has been the foremost force in the United States in replenishing unity amongst the American community. For honouring and celebrating in his name, we can propagate what he advocated. Dedicating a whole day in his name would strengthen our sense of hope in the future of the United States.

Hope was the primary centrifuge that resulted from his civil rights movement. His movement was all about the efforts in making this nation better. However, it could only be achieved through the collective efforts of everyone having a stake in it.

There are numerous ways we can commemorate this day in honouring the spirit of Dr King`s. Here are some ideas we could try on this MLK day in an attempt to restore his legacy.

Reading Dr King`s speeches

His oratory skills were always the highlight in any rally he addressed. His powerful pragmatic speeches are one of the greatest skills he possessed in achieving his mission. 

However, most Americans have remembered his most famous speeches and tend to undermine the rest of them. Most scholars have recommended the audience in reading Dr King`s lesser known speeches and words he portrayed. They were all centred around his idea of the war he fought against poverty and the struggle he imposed in tackling racial discrimination. It is necessary for us to understand the constitution of a wealthy society through his words.

Participating In The Honorary Parade

It`s customary across the United States in almost every local community to organize a parade in respect of this day. These parades are great learning opportunities for children. They could be designed to enlighten and inspire them in following the Kingian philosophy.

It is imperative for parents to emphasize the significance of this day to their children. they could explain the importance of his movement and the way it valued the worth of each individual regardless of their background, race or age. 

A more practical way to encourage this activity is for parents or any senior to participate in their town`s local parade with their children. They are usually full of colours and loads of learning prospects. In addition, this behaviour would act as a positive stimulant for the younger generation. It would inspire our future generation towards maintaining a spirit of brotherhood and harmony. 

You can search on the internet for any local parade if it`s not happening inside your community. Remember, this is a necessary learning experience for all generations.

Interacting With Others

One of the reasons MLK day has existed is in devotion to America`s diverse and respectful community. This day signifies the cruciality for each American of mixing up with people they don`t usually meet. On this occasion, it is important for everyone to come out of their bubble and listen to the stories of people marginalized from the wider community.

Children of all ages should organize a visit to the low income areas. It is a chance for them to learn to give back to the community. The help could be of any kind; a small gift for the impoverished children, supplies of rations and commodities or participating to rebuild or renovate homes in underprivileged communities.

MLK is also marked by online stores featuring sales on exclusive discounts and deals. Almost every product category gets highlighted for a discount on this day. instead of going through the trouble of lightening your pockets, you can try more affordable options available online. Some of these stores have even started their own platforms for collecting donations.

Watch Documentaries

A more old fashioned yet effective way to relieve someone`s legacy. There are hundreds of documentaries made available on Dr King and his civil rights movement.

Even if anyone is not able to participate in any MLK parade or community service, they can sit back at home and watch a comprehensive documentary. Most TV channels organize a special exclusively for this day. Everyone should have the chance to see the beauty of the Kingean legacy. It helps us recognize the beauty of diversity and MLK`s contributions to American society.

Visiting Libraries

Specifically for this occasion, many public libraries host special events related to MLK. It is recommended for everyone to make time for visiting the library on MLK day. You`ll find comprehensive reading materials for kids to go through. There are special book fairs featured with discounts exclusively for this day. Amongst them, you`ll discover a range of reading material related to Dr King.

Symbolizing Growth

In any society, growth is denoted by a positive change in the attitudes and beliefs of its members. This can range from a simple act of kindness like planting a tree to a symbolic gesture. It is obvious that the American people won`t be able to repay what Dr. King did for them. However, they can honour him by standing up for the mission he stood for. 

The Long Weekend

On account of MLK`s day, a lot of online and physical stores put on sales. These sales are not a result of discarded products and all things considered. It might be better than holiday sales. Many stores have excess stock left from holiday purchases. In order to make room for the newly launched articles and attires, Stores opt to clear out some room for the new inventory. Use the long weekend to sit back and scroll through a number of pages and stores avail great deals on the items. Treat yourself and the people around you in remembrance of the great `Martin Luther King`.