Call Me Sterling The Story Of Silver

Newbridge designs fine Jewelry, homeware, and giftware. The company has a distinct history of expertise, craftsmanship, and a modernistic eye for design. The town of Newbridge, in the heart of Co. Kildare, Ireland, was a thriving garrison community at the turn of the twentieth century. Everything changed when the army left in 1921, leaving a massive economic void. The metal forging and linishing equipment left behind, combined with local know-how, resulted in establishing a one-of-a-kind company, the Newbridge Cutlery Company. This company grew and evolved into This Silverware company, which is well-known and loved by many people today.


Their Jewelry is known for its style and quality, and its collections include its signature Silverplated Collection. Pendants, earrings, necklaces, bangles, brooches, and watches are all included in each collection, making them ideal for any gift occasion.


They also provide one-of-a-kind and opulent hanging ornaments. Of course, there are such things as luxurious ornaments. When they`re shiny and sparkly and appear covered in diamonds, there`s only one word to describe them: luxurious!


Below are a few of their products that could please you in every way.


Celtic Swirl Bangle Cuff Bracelet 


A Celtic Swirl Bangle Cuff Bracelet was the first piece. This Celtic collection of Jewelry is a true Irish heirloom, inspired by the most famous of Irish symbols, the Celtic Swirl. It is guaranteed to become a true keepsake, treasured and enjoyed, having been designed and crafted in Ireland. This is a lovely substantial bracelet with a lovely presentation in the box! This silver-plated bangle features an anti-tarnish layer. This would make an excellent holiday gift!!


The Waterlily Necklace 


The Waterlily Necklace. The waterlily is one of the most popular plants on the planet. The Waterlily Jewelry Collection strives to capture the essence and beauty of this stunning and elegant plant. This pendant will be adored and treasured for its femininity and grace and was made in Ireland using centuries-old craft techniques for future generations to enjoy. This pendant is stunning and comes with a long adjustable chain. The pendant is silver plated and has an anti-tarnish layer for easy care. Another excellent choice for a gift or yourself. 


Greta Garbo IPS Plated Timepiece


This stunning watch, which embodies the glamour and beauty of the Art Deco era, is part of the exquisite Greta Garbo collection. The Newbridge Silverware collection of Greta Garbo jewellery is a magnificent and opulent range that embodies style and sophistication. This collection brings back the romance and glamour of a bygone era, adding a touch of allure and elegance to any stylish ensemble. Greta Garbo was a true icon of her time. Endorsed by Greta Garbo`s estate and her great nephew.



Greta Garbo IPS plated timepiece in vintage style with high scratch resistance, clear stone settings, black leather strap, Japanese movement stainless steel backing, presented in Greta Garbo collection packaging. Parts and service are guaranteed for a full year.



The Santa On Chimney 


The Santa On Chimney measures slightly less than 3 inches tall and is silver plated with an anti-tarnish layer. It is a three-dimensional ornament, which means it has multiple layers and a different front and back. It depicts the ever-popular scene of Santa Claus about to enter a chimney with a large bag of toys. I adore the intricate details, such as the tiny toys that appear to fly out of Santa`s big bag. The silver colour, of course, is timeless and catches the light from the tree in a lovely way.


Snowflake Ornament 


Their snowflake ornament appears to be covered in diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. It, too, is silver plated and measures slightly more than 2 inches. It has a classic design but also looks great in an eclectic tree. You could combine a few ornaments with this style if you know someone who collects ornaments. There`s also a Christmas tree, a candy cane, bells, a snowman, and other decorations!


The Ring Box 


The Ring Chest It looks like a small gift box (about 2 inches tall by 2 inches wide) and opens to reveal a deep blue velvet interior. As the name implies, it would be ideal for a ring, earrings, or another small piece of Jewelry. It is silver plated and can be personalized with a personal message for that special someone. It looks great in the tree, though it is heavier than it appears, and since we have an artificial tree, you can stack a few together to support the weight.



While the company began as a homewares retailer, it has since expanded to include handcrafted jewellery and contemporary pieces ideal for gifting to loved ones. Products sold by their Silverware are known to last for decades due to the thought and care that goes into each item, quickly becoming family heirlooms and keepsakes to pass down from one generation to the next. The artisans behind these breathtaking creations have decades of industry experience and a genuine passion for what they do, resulting in multiple highly coveted, best-selling collections that have captured consumers` attention throughout Ireland and around the world.