Beginners Guide To Mountain Bikes

Being a starter at MTB, who admires off-roading and road biking can be hard when you know what to look for. The information we will be talking about in today`s article can come in pretty handy while optioning a mounting bike. We realize that mountain bikes can be the perfect companion for people who like adventure, thrill, and off-roading. Here are the key things you should look for. 

·    Bike Style: since we all are different people, we all have our different riding styles however when it comes to mountain bike riding styles have been classified into some categories. You will need to select the right style that is familiar to your technique. 

·         Salient Features: While optioning for a bike the key features to look for are suspension, brakes, gearing, and frame material

·         Size: While it`s hard to opt for a bike online at moose jaw you can find every detail regarding the bike. Which can help you make an informed decision.

·         Hard Trail or Normal Gravel: Getting right and quality bearings, back shocks, linkage and extra production complication of suspension and design, all cost a lot of money. While optioning for a mountain bike, you will have to look for the right suspension type and wheel diameter which is appropriate to your riding environment


Types Of Mountain Bike Suspensions:

Wheel diameter and suspension are two dominant factors that determine the capability of your terrain bike. There are mainly three types of suspension when it comes to mountain bikes 

Rigid:  Rigid mountain bikes do not come with any types of suspension which are fairly easier to maintain and cost way cheaper than the other 2 kinds. However, most bikers prefer bikes that come with suspension for better comfort. Nonetheless, bikes with rigid suspension come with fat tires which can operate on low air pressure levels resulting in absorption of fair rocks.

Hardtail: Hardtail bikes have rigid rear suspensions which makes the backs hard while it features front jump with suspensions that absorbs most of the impact of rocky areas and mud. This being the sole reason which makes hardtail bikes cheaper than full-suspension bikes and fewer moving parts adds up to low maintenance. Many hardtails come with the option of making front jumps rigid. If the biker desires to make it a rigid bike.

Full Suspension: As the name suggests these types have both the front and rear suspension to absorb shocks from the rough terrain and don`t rely on tires for that purpose. However, there are many variations when it comes to full suspension bikes but the general theme remains the same. Full suspension can not only absorb all the shocks and chatter but provides the rider with an imminent riding experience and enhances the overall efficiency level, So is it worth the cost that`s the real question? If you are into a luxurious lifestyle and a full-fledged biker we would recommend you to opt for this option otherwise it is a dead end.

Where To Find Reliable Mountain Bikes And Equipment?

Now that you have reliable knowledge about the things you should look for in a bike, we thought to make our recommendation to make this choice even easier for you.  

Diamondback Atroz 2 Bike:

 This is a full suspension for people who prefer extreme comfort when it comes to trail bikes. The bike has been built with great quality Shimano components and comes with reliable shifting and braking gears, hence providing you with the chance

of a comfortable ride from start to finish. Its air-cutting rear suspension will smooth the ride for you on rough terrain providing you exceptional stability. The bike comes with an aluminum 27.5 trail with 4” travel. The frame design has been kept in a single pivot. The frame also includes 

·         Tapered steerer

·         Machine formed tube top

·         butted/formed down tube

·         Sealed cartridge bearing

·         Replaceable hang 

·         For internal dropper post, seat tube routed

The reason we suggest the Diamond Atroz 2 Bike is because of its outstanding comfortability, durability, and reliability of its suspensions.

Niner RLT RDO 2-star bike

The 2nd recommendation we come bearing is the Niner RLT RDO 2-star bike which comes with a carbon frame making it relatively lighter than most of its competitors. The carbon frame has been crafted in ways that support both gravel and pavement-like tracks and hence making it comfortable for all types of environment. The bike comes with customizable tires and several integrated frame mount options which will give you a chance to customize your ride according to your needs. The carbon has been manufactured to stay firm and at the same due to the qualities of its specialized manufacturing its flexible on the rocky roads which make the ride comfortable. 

The bike also features changeable tires that allow you to mix things up. This might be the perfect solution for you whether you are just riding off with friends into the woods. Or cycling long miles practicing for an upcoming race. The only con of this bike is that it might not be as pocket friendly as the earlier mentioned option


The information this article pertains is enough for you to make an informed decision while getting a bike for yourself. You can find our suggested bikes at moosejaw.com and all the relevant items related to them.