A Comprehensive Guide Book To Sock Shopping

The Biggest Problems With Socks

The most pressing issue, especially with most men, is the socks in their drawers, regardless of how many there are, are useless. It is because we often lose one part of the pair of socks. On average, as per the study conducted by the UK, a person loses 1.3 socks a day, which amounts to almost three thousand dollars worth of socks a year.

Until this moment, you might have not even paid attention to it, and the problem seems to be very common as it is a daily occurrence for men to spend time deciding on which socks to wear with what kinds of shoes it goes well with and what is the best fit for different occasions. 

The answer is going to influence the lives of billions of people and readers around the world.

In a world full of all types of socks, it is hard to determine which ones to opt for on several occasions, which is why it is essential for us to familiarize ourselves with the terminologies and different types of socks, what mistakes to avoid, and finally, how can we solve the problem of the missing sock? Unfortunately, that seems to be a persistent issue for individuals around the world.

Different Types Of Socks

There is no particular set of rules when it comes to fashion. However, you can surely use some guidance to up your game and dress for the occasion in an appropriate manner. It requires focusing on the suitable activity or mood and setting and since there are more than three types of socks to choose from, let us be your guide on which socks work for what setting. 

Ankle Socks: Choose ankle socks in an event or setting where your legs are visible. This means it is excellent for sports and casual summer hangs.

Crew Length socks: 6-8 inches high Socks are called crew length shorts. A wide variety of crew-length socks are available on the market, making it a suitable go-to for many different settings and occasions.

Mid Calf Length Socks: These types of socks are generally halfway to the knee and are often advertised as trouser shorts. Their sole purpose is to keep your feet warm and cosy while they can be worn with loafers, boots, and sneakers for a more sophisticated and dressier look.

Knee-high socks: Knee-high socks are popular amongst women who wear boots daily, as they deliver full coverage underneath the shoes. But men also get in on the action by wearing socks for various sports activities, i.e., rugby, soccer, and football. Nonetheless, if you are just chilling at home, you can also wear these socks. 

Above The Knee Socks: These socks are appropriate for winter as they provide warmth and added comfort while going absurdly well with the outfits. 

No Show Socks: These socks usually cover the fingers of your feet and ankle while the rest of the area is not covered and has become popular over the years with loafers and formal shoes. Women choose to wear these socks in traditional and business settings, whereas men opt for informal occasions.

Thigh High socks: This particular style of socks is popular among women and goes all the way up to your thighs, as the name suggests. It can be worn in informal and formal settings underneath short and knee-high dresses.

With these wide varieties of socks and missing a sock per day, one can not simply keep track of everything, But if I were to tell you that there is a solution for all your socks needs. 

Where To Shop For Socks?

There is nothing more off-putting when you are already late for an essential task, whether it be a presentation, a business interview, or just going out with someone special, and you can not find one pair of good socks, one has a gaping hole in it, and the others have reached their expiration date. 

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