Why Rugs Are Important

Rugs can enhance the beauty of any house and turn it into a home effortlessly. It not only brings a special effect to the mood of the room but also has some rational and practical benefits than just being a showcase. It can help keep the temperature warm and reduce noise. Most homes being built today do not come with carpeting like the old times, when the whole house used to be carpeted. People who just moved into their new homes, buying rugs is a necessity rather than just for decor purposes. 

However, when we talk about decor, we think everyone should own at least one rug at their place. It is the most elegant solution to hide any screw-up on the floor and enhance your style while doing so.  

In our opinion, rugs are a key component in creating a home and decorating, and here is why


Bringing colors to the room


Laminated or hardwood floors can drain the light out of even the brightest rooms, yet they complement the look of our homes. And this can be seen in the hallways or corridors of your home. 

Getting a runner rug for your corridor in a lighter tone might be the best option for you. The reason for going towards a lighter tone and not white is you won`t be able to see every speck of dirt and it will certainly complement the hardwood flooring with radiant color.

The best part about rugs is that they are versatile and especially for people who like to change the interior decor of their homes every couple of seasons, you can also move them around or take them with you to your new place. So it`s also a smart buy.


Connecting spaces


Hallways or corridors always seem unwelcoming no matter where we are. Bringing rugs into your life is one way to change that unwelcoming aura of the hallway. Throw in some patterned rugs and let the eyes do the rest of the work. Psychologically speaking, human eyes tend to follow patterns and where it leads. You can always get the same patterned rug for the room you want the hallways to lead to. This will help in creating a flow from one room to another as your eyes are drawn out from one place to the next. 


Complementing the lounge


Whatever floor covering you choose to go for guarantees you pick the biggest mat you can for the room it will dwell in. 

Stay away from the gliding carpet in the center point of the room. Preferably, the carpet you pick ought to be adequately enormous to fit under every one of the four legs of each household item. If this is absurd the front legs of your furniture ought to be situated on the floor covering. Aside from mooring your furnishings, it additionally helps in reducing the chances of you tripping or falling.

Your mat size ought to be founded on the components of your room and not your footstool. Deciding on a bigger mat will occupy the negative space made by your furniture arrangements. 

One should not underestimate the simple pleasures of life and rugs are definitely one of them.



Decorating with rugs


Layering and angling one rug over the other has made quite a statement in the open-place seating area. And often finding the right style statement with the size is hard which is why layering up will not only cover the space but also save you from the embarrassment of having a tiny sized rug in a large room. Also opting for more than one rug will create a greater impact than just one large rug.

It can also be used to change the design scheme of the home, while opting for rugs you can go for a color scheme and hang that over the wall for a better radiant design. It will create a more cohesive feel to your room and reinforce a welcoming mood. Rugs are essential when it comes to home decor.


Reducing Sound and protecting the hardwood floor


When it comes to reducing sound and protecting your floor or just hiding some minor mishaps rugs are the best saviors. You can slide anything under it and swoop your worries away. 

Having a houseful of children can be noisy and since they march to their own beat the only possible way to reduce the sound or have it muffled is to bring a thick rug pad.

Also when it comes to large rooms with tiles and hardwood floor the sound carries, to decrease the sound and add a layer of absorption, add a rug. You will be surprised to see the quiet effect it brings to the room



Rugs are practical, versatile, and beautiful but one thing they are not is cheap. Rugs can often be expensive and hefty on the pocket. While there are many advantages of getting a rug, one can have a hard time finding a good place to get rugs. Rugs USA is trying to make rugs affordable for everyone by bringing high-quality rugs to the need and budget.